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Dec 16, 2013

Skin color

You know its funny how every compliments about racism and tries to be more accepting of others cultures and beliefs when in reality, racism exists. What’s even worse is racism among cultures because apparently having dark skin means you’re unattractive and unpleasant. Hello, like do we not live in 2013? SInce when did skin colour become one of the predicators for marriage, work, love and success? How can skin colour define any of these things? Someone please explain it to me because clearly I don’t understand how people around me are thinking.

I am sick and tired of being treated indifferently, feeling insecure and different because of my physical appearance. Honestly, physical beauty disappears with age and looking at the big picture, skin color is very irrelevant. It doesn’t define a person neither does it say anything about a certain individual. I hope for a better year in 2014 where people are more accepting of each other, looking past the physical appearance and getting to know people more. 

Honestly, I just randomly wrote this. I wish I had more to say about it but it is one of the sensitive topics that I have to overcome and still somewhat insecure about. I hope I can stand up for myself more often and set an example for the future so I can work towards a better tomorrow for my children ( I know it sounds somewhat cliche but I think it’s important to do so). 

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Delilah =D turned 2 today!
Dec 8, 2013

Delilah =D turned 2 today!